28 February 2019 – Special Thanks to Monaco Propeller

On the 28 February 2019, our Propeller president attended the Propeller Club Monaco speech and dinner event on Ship Finance. This was an opportunity for us to thank our Monaco friends for supporting the admission to the big network of the Propeller Clubs of the U.S.

21 February 2019 – First Board Meeting

This evening Coeclerici kindly hosted the first Board Meeting (BM). All Board members attended. Many thanks again to Giandomenico and Thomas who travelled on purpose respectively from Zug and Hamburg.

After ratification in charge of the current president, vice-president and secretary, the Board officially opened the membership campaign; applicants supported by two existing members can now submit their application to join the Propeller Club Lugano.

Membership fees will become due on the 1st January and shall be settled by the 31 March 19 of the relevant association year, upon receipt of a Non-Tax Invoice by the Club.

The Board has further resolved to organize 7 clubs events between March 19 and the end of the current year.

6 February 2019 – The Founders had their first General Meeting

This evening the Propeller Club Lugano had its first General Meeting that was chaired by the current president. 21 members (out of 27) were attending, including three travelling on purpose from London, Hamburg and Zug.

The president made official the admission of the association to the International Propeller Clubs of the U.S. that formally communicated its endorsement on the past 19 November 2018. The association is now up and running under the name of “Propeller Club – Port of Lugano”.

In accordance to the determinations taken upon the set-up of the association, the existing board members presented the list of candidates willing to enter the board to support the Propeller Club Lugano. The 6 candidates have been elected with unanimous consent and have now joined the board.

The General Meeting was closed at 8.00 p.m. and a picture was taken to eternalize the momentum. Members and few selected guests then joined the Havana Deck Bar for the drinks and social session scheduled to last at 10.00 p.m. but reaching the remarkable hour of 1.00 a.m. (i.e.: when members have been gently invited to leave the Bar).